Finding Value In Your Numbers

Advanced Tax Planning

The Burkett Firm’s tax practice encompasses all types of tax filings and planning. These tax areas include federal, estate, state and franchise taxes. Additionally, our firm has significant experience in identifying, developing, presenting and implementing complex and value-added tax strategies to many of our clients.

Our firm has a deep knowledge and expertise in developing, monitoring and fulfilling compliance reporting for small captive insurance companies. Captives can be an effective risk mitigation and tax saving tool for many clients who have become frustrated with the cost and inefficiency of their insurance and tax options. This type of knowledge is highly specialized but provides significant value to the right client. Our firm has developed a rare proficiency in this area, which attracts successful business owners and entrepreneurs searching for a “better way” to mitigate their risks and taxes.

We have strategic relationship with Arsenal Insurance Services one of the leading captive insurance designers and management companies in the U.S. This relationship provides our captive clients with top-notch advisory service in this important area of business planning and strategy.

Our firm also collaborates with our clients and their other trusted advisors in the area of estate planning. Whether our client’s estate is in danger of being taxed or not, our firm provides value-added strategy and advisory services to our clients in this area. We work with top advisors throughout Texas and beyond on a wide array of strategies tailored to fit each client’s specific need.

Nice Work!

You’ve worked hard to generate the income that comes in. Now, let us work hard to help you make sure you spend those dollars efficiently as they go out.

What Else?

If you’re a successful business professional you’ve probably asked yourself “What Else” is out there? We can help lead you to “What Else”  by giving you our unique perspective and expertise.

Did You Know?

A great accountant can help with more than dollars and cents. Whether it’s captive insurance to better manage your business risks, to estate planning issues that are very personal and private, our ability to see beyond the numbers can help.
The Burkett Firm provided amazing service in a vital time of our business development. We cannot recommend them enough.
Jim S - Tyler, Texas

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