Finding Value In Your Numbers


One of the most valuable roles our firm can ever play is to be our client’s trusted advisor. Our client’s specific circumstance can range from the mundane to the extraordinary, but we don’t miss a beat.  Whatever your need is, our firm will be involved and engaged with an eye towards generating value for you. One consulting area we play a strong role in is as CFO, either permanent or temporary. Our well-rounded expertise and experience serves our clients well by applying an objective and trained financial eye to your business operations, financial reporting processes and overhead structure. Another area we often consult our clients in are business and accounting process improvements. We can help in a number of different ways, from meeting periodically with our clients to simply talk about the financials, to designing and implementing meaningful and useful financial reports to aid our clients in their daily business decisions. We also consult with our clients on how to finance expansion or address working capital needs. We can be a valuable advocate or liaison for our clients with banks and private equity firms. We assist our clients in negotiating and evaluating all types of funding options to help facilitate growth or navigate difficult times. We have delivered value to our clients by observing, designing and implementing effective and efficient internal and financial controls to rectify or prevent the possibility of fraudulent behavior.


Our firm frequently advises our clients on a range of strategic business planning, forecasting and decision making. Our diversified body of knowledge coupled with years of experience with hundreds of small businesses provides unique perspective the decisions our clients face.


Our consulting role runs the gamut.  Regardless of the task at hand, we strive to apply our knowledge and expertise to create value to our client, no matter the situation.  The highest level of service is one that leaves our client clearly seeing the value of our service.


The Burkett Firm has the experience and focus to help you make wise decisions for you or your business. Your success is dependent on having useful information and the peace of mind to making informed decisions.  Let us turn our expertise and success into yours.
The Burkett Firm provided amazing service in a vital time of our business development. We cannot recommend them enough.
Jim S - Tyler, Texas

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