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Business Valuation

What is my business or partnership worth? That’s a question our clients ask themselves all of the time. Whether it’s in the context of litigation, estate planning, or a possible sale, knowing what your business is really worth is essential. Having an answer helps our clients make an informed business decision, often as they stand at a crossroads in their life. Our firm specializes in providing a professional, efficient, informative and realistic appraisal of your business regardless of the situation you face.

Our firm has a high competency in business valuation services. We routinely appraise small business interests within a number of different contexts.  Some include estate and gift tax reporting or planning, succession planning, strategic corporate action, partner/shareholder dissolution and buyouts, basis establishment and M&A activity.

Often in these engagements, we collaborate with our client and their team of advisors to problem-solve and add value to the client that goes beyond the appraisal.

Who Needs It?

You might think you only need to know what your business is worth when you want to sell it.  That’s just not the case. Every business owner wants to build value.  Life happens. Your business hits a crossroad.  As a business owner, you should have your finger on the pulse of your business, which includes what it’s worth.

Why Do I Need It?

The benefit of a business valuation goes beyond the appraised value.  A good valuation gives you a benchmark on how you’re doing, or how your competition or customers view you.  A great appraisal reminds you where you’ve been while showing you where you’re going. This knowledge can unlock key corporate decisions and invoke strategic vision you otherwise may have missed.

What is Involved?

Our firm is knowledgeable and experienced in a wide assortment of different industries and business structures.  We apply our valuation analysis only after we’ve spent the time necessary to understand you, your management team, your company and your industry.  There are no preconceived results. Our analysis strikes a balance between financial analytics and reading the people in charge.
The Burkett Firm provided amazing service in a vital time of our business development. We cannot recommend them enough.
Jim S - Tyler, Texas

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