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Forensic Accounting Services

Are you feeling the angst or uneasiness of litigation or that possibility? Do you have a business or financial problem you can’t quite put your finger on? Our firm is well-equipped to help with your litigation or forensic accounting need. These types of engagements include economic damages, asset and funds tracings, and fraud investigations.  We provide expert reports and testimony to the Court or Trier of Fact to clearly communicate and support our findings. Our firm specializes in performing the complex analysis that is required in this type of service.  However, our value is in our unique ability and skill to clearly and simply communicate our finding without sacrificing the soundness and accuracy of our analysis.  This skill has delivered value for countless clients and attorneys across Texas and beyond.


We are routinely engaged by both attorneys and Courts across Texas as a financial or forensic expert in an array of situations. As a result, Nick Burkett has provided oral and written testimony in a number of cases in both Texas State Courts and Federal Courts across Northeast Texas. This analysis covers a range of topics that include: valuations, economic damages, intellectual property damages, asset tracing and fraud.

Forensic Analysis

Dividing marital assets or tracing funds or assets is a complicated endeavor. If this tracing is in the context of litigation the complexity is increased.  We have the experience and expertise to both perform the complex analysis and understand the relevant law in order to reasonably interpret and communicate our findings. This combination adds a huge value to a complex dispute or situation.

Fraud Investigation

As long as there is money, there will be a need to investigate financial wrongdoing. Our firm is uniquely trained to perform a complex investigation into fraud or suspected fraud.  We also use our knowledge to evaluate existing control systems, identify areas of weakness and work with our clients to tighten up controls in order to prevent or mitigate future loss.

Certified Fraud Examiner

The Burkett Firm provided amazing service in a vital time of our business development. We cannot recommend them enough.
Jim S - Tyler, Texas

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